Hi, I'm Brian Hoese

     I was raised in the Bulverde, Texas a small town just north of San Antonio. Spending most of my free time in the woods or out camping and fishing; knives were always in the back of my mind. The idea of making a knives as oppose to buying them from a store was an appealing idea. Making my first knife around the age of 13 out of an old Nicholson bastard file sparked a real interest from that day forward. Employed at our family's manufacturing company at that young age gave me the resources needed to make knives. Access to a full machine shop and welding shop made knife making possible. Along with the help and knowledge of tool makers my skills in machine work transferred hand in hand with knife making. With over 20 years of experience working in the manufacturing industry it was time to take on new challenges. Hoese Custom Knives was established in 2017. This same year at the recommendations of some good friends and big name knife makers I am now a probationary member of The Knifemakers Guild. This is a standard two year period of any new member and I am proud to be part of this elite group of knifemakers and the legacy of knife making that it represents. I am also a founding member of Masters of Fit and Finish a new concept bringing the suppliers, makers, and collectors together to one place on the web; sort of like a year round virtual knife show. I intend to make knives to the best of my ability and guarantee their quality. You can follow my latest work on my Instagram account.
     When I am not making knives or dreaming up new ones I spend my free time at home with my beautiful wife or out flying model aircraft with friends. Every summer I spend a week or two in Wyoming fly fishing the North Platte river outside Casper and exploring the Bighorn Nation Forest up around Buffalo. On occasion you may find me not far from Spearfish, South Dakota fishing a stream or having a drink while being robbed by a one arm bandit in Deadwood.